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Savings/Investments Calculator
Estimated Investment Calculator
This is just an ESTIMATE!
Consult with a Financial Professional before acting on this estimate!
1. Current Investment Amount: $
2. Additional Amount: $
Add'l Amts included at of each term.  
3. Number of to Save:  
4. Annual Percentage Rate (APR):   %
5. Interest is compounded time(s) annually.
Ending Balance:
Ending Savings Amount: $
Certificate of Deposit: To calculate a $5000 CD investment for a 12 month term enter the following: Line 1 = 5000, Line 2 = 0, Line 3 = 12 Months, Line 4 = the CD's APR, Line 5 = Number of times the interest is compounded (find out from your credit union).
Periodic Deposit: To calculate how much you would have if you saved a $100 per month for 5 years, beginning the first month, at 5% APR compounded monthly. Line 1 = 0, Line 2 = Monthly / 100, Line 3 = 5 Years or 60 Months, Line 4 = 5, Line 5 = Monthly.
Periodic Deposit with a beginning balance: To calculate how much you would have if you put in an account $2000 and if you added $100 per month for 5 years thereafter, at 5% APR compounded quarterly. Line 1 = 2000, Line 2 = Monthly / 100 / End, Line 3 = 5 Years or 60 Months, Line 4 = 5, Line 5 = Quarterly.
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