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.03% APY
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VISA Credit Cards


You Can Count on CrossRoads Visa. Make your purchases with confidence. Discover the benefits of a Preferred or Classic Card. The Preferred card offers a low interest rate to members with excellent credit scores. The Classic card offers a competitive rate with a low annual fee. A share pledged Visa is perfect for members rebuilding their credit or with no credit.

Visa Credit Card Disclosure

New Visa Credit and Debit cards coming soon to you Chip Cards--the Future of Payments.

We all use our debit and credit cards for shopping, eating out, and buying groceries and gas. Soon you will do so with the added security of a chip card.

Your Credit Union Visa credit card will be coming soon. You will notice the gold colored block-- that is a secure computer chip in your card adding more security. When you receive your new credit card, you will be asked to destroy the old one, and begin using the new one.

The debit cards will be sent out to you when yours expires.

How it Works
Using your new Chip card will be a little different.
1. Insert Card
2. Leave card in terminal
3. Sign Receipt
or enter PIN
4. Remove Card
Instead of swiping, you'll insert the card into the bottom of the terminal, chip first, face up.
The card must remain in the terminal during the entire transaction.
Either sign the receipt or enter PIN to complete the transaction.
When purchase is is complete, remember to take your card with you.
Remember-- The chip card still has the magnetic stripe you are accustomed to, just in case you
need to use a traditional terminal.

Stop in to learn more, or visit or visit:

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